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Vana Vihari is an initiative of Government of Andhra Pradesh through its Forest Department, and it is owned by Andhra Pradesh Forest Department and maintained by CBET, Maredumilli

Vana Vihari is initiated by the Andhra Pradesh forest department as per the forest policy of both state and union government of India to provide financial benefits and empowerment to the local people and to promote a responsible tourism to natural areas which shall be sustainable,equitable community based endeavor for improving the living standards of the indigenous host communities and to create a stake in conservation of the environment besides offering the possible best to the Nature loving tourists.

Thus the Community Based Eco- Tourism under the name of Vana vihari is formed to allow the general public to enjoy the nature along with a plan to inculcate the essence of conservation of wild resources among general public.

Vana Vihari is the brand name of the CBET Maredumilli . Basically the CBET Maredumilli is formed by drawing some of the VSS members from Somireddypalem VSS and they were trained in basics of hospitality industry. CBET micro plan is approved by the Divisional Forest Officer, Kakinada and sent to PCCF(Hoff) Andhra Pradesh for sanction of funds.

A 15 member management committee is formed with 50% women representation. The accounts will be maintained by the management committee under a joint account opened on the name of the chairman of the management committee and Forest Section Officer concerned who is the Member Secretary of the committee.

After attaining the sustainable stage or completion of 5 years successful running, 50% of the revenue realized should be kept with a joint account opened on the name of CBET and Forest department and to be utilized for the development of Eco system and the remaining 50% to be in CBET account and to be utilized as decided by the general body of the CBET.

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