Gods Own Creation

East Godavari district criss-crossed by rivers and palm-fringed canals and carpeted by swaying paddy fields, can aptly claim to be Gods own District. Or quite simply, GOD, as the acronym goes. Encapsulating the beauty of the district is its latest attraction, Valmiki valley vana vihara sthali, Maredumilli. It offers a visual feast to the visitors. The forests are rich in flora and fauna, undulating hilly terrain, silvery streams cascading down the rocks, waterfalls, fragrant medicinal plants, the pine and golden bamboo clumps and many more attractions.


It is situated 80 km. From Rajahmundry on Bhadrachalam road, the project area gives a golden opportunity to the care-worn urban people to savour natures beauty and feel rejuvenated in an atmosphere far removed from the madding crowds. The welcome hoarding heralds your entry into the land of Gods own creation, where the visitor is transported to the lap of the nature in the form of ferns, wild bananas, wide variety of orchids and sacred mango groves. The jungle Heights beckon adventurists and the young with trekking routes.


Nandanavanam" Ethno Medical Awareness Centre is developed with an intention to make the public aware of medicinal plants. The area is planted with plants brought from Western ghats and Orissa also.

Coffee and Pepper plantations

Visitors can avail the oppurtunity of visiting the APFDC coffee and pepper plantations in the vicinity of Nandanavanam. The magnificient Maredumilli forest provide rare oppurtunity with its climax climate vegetation, treeferns, Wild bananas various orchids and sacred mango groves.

Vali Sugriva Medicinal plants conversation Area

Vali Sugriva Medicinal plants conversation Area" This area is an Undulating terrain with an extent of 260 Ha. So far 203 plant species including medicinal and rare plants were identified in this area.

Karthika Vanam

The area is planted with religious species. All tge people district visit this forest area during of Kartheeka masam in October and have vana bhojanas. Religious species like Neem, Ravi(Peeple), Amla(Usiri), Matri(Banyon), Maredu(Bilva)are planted in blocks in Kartheeka vanam. Local species which are having medicinal value were also planted here. Adjoining this area is "Karthika Vanam" with plenty of Maredu and Amla (Usiri) trees.

Madanakunj - Vihara Sthal

Magnificient animals like Tiger, Panther, Bison, Spotted deer and Mouse deerare inhabiting the area. wild bear, Mouse deer, Bison, Ren jungle fowl, Peacocks, beautiful birds are common. Hill Hyna, Hornbill, Kiingfisher, Golder Driole are commonly seen. Varieties of butterflies creates happy and joy to the visitor.

Jungle Star Camp Site

Jungle Star Camp Site provides an unique opportunity to stay over night in the deep woods of unexplored Eastern Ghats. The Jungle Star Camp site is Located adjoining the Valamuru river with the stream on 3 sides over looking the Vali-Sugriva Konda which is believed to be the battle ground of Vali - Sugriva during the Ramayana period. The remarkable variation of the Battleground with the presence of grass land, encircled by forests on the other hillocks makes, the visitor to pay attention on the legendary story.

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